Significance of Elizabethan age (1558-1603)

The Elizabethan age known as the golden of literature extends from Elizabeth in 1558. It is the age of prosperity and great creation. Moreover, john Milton says “a noble nation, inspiring likes a strong man”

Stability and Political peace

Elizabeth a wise queen followed the policy of balance of both inside and outside of the country.

Social contentment

For the first time, social take care of the poor. Social progress in living greatly contributed to the growth of literary activity.

Religion tolerance

in addition, The queen who followed a wise policy of compromise made religious peace. Elizabeth acted together as followers of the queen. Anglicanism is a kind of agreement between Catholics believed the church.

All authors influenced by the queen’s policy of religious tolerance and were united in a superb.

The queen’s popularity 

Queen Elizabeth select her court as one of the happiest courts in Europe. Under her rule, the English national life creates by huge leaps than with slow historical process.


In English history is the most amazing epoch for the growth of environment. Moreover, There great liberty offer to men to live as queen was adored. That much did not apply to purely literary making.

Backwardness of the age

This was an age of great flaws.  Moreover, this is an age of darkness and light. Super naturalism is a basic feature of Shakespeare drama.


at the result,  the Elizabeth period rarely equaled for achievement

The impact of the renaissance

Influence of humanism

hence, Renaissance had an impact on the ideal life. This made human thinking in the medieval times. The Hellenic view of life called as humanism strangely.

Moreover,  Marlow, Shakespeare, and poets are famous in this age.

On the other hand, Humanism gave birth of knowledge. In the Hellenic view focused on this present world rather than on some future. It was uniqueness that showed in ancient Greek literature. During the Elizabeth period, the stress was put on markings that separate human beings from one another. The renaissance men hunger for all the experiences and new learn which this world has to offer.

In addition, the most important works were princes that affect the thought of literature.

The renaissance spirit of rational

The renaissance also raised the spirit of the rational quest for truth as the best guiding factor in human life. The power of god and nature find through reason. Make an appeal to the reason of man” Bacon is the high priest of this approach. He searches new processor for people in this age.

In addition, the important work of William translation in the New Testament. A great number of the pamphlets, plays, and ballads create this age.


as a result, the age of Shakespeare is an era of renaissance. moreover, this is age finds a spontaneous expression which includes new words towards the heat of the religious strife for the growth of new learn. the writers of this age create a great literature of  Greece and Rome in this

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