Snapchat Introduce Video Chat & Facebook Styling Tagging Features

Various messaging application Snapchat launched various latest features in its application. It includes group chat video call option which allow users to tag friends in the Snaps.

Video group chat allows Snapchat users to conduct video.  Moreover,upto 16 friends at the same time & up to 32 people can join the group.

Meanwhile, snapchat initially introduced voice & video calling back in 2016.

Use Of Video Chat Group For Video Call

To use video group chat features, you need to enter an existing chat that you already have or start a new group. Let’s start to tap the video icon to do live group chat on the phone icon for a voice call.  The members who have Snapchat noticed that someone wants to do a call.

Moreover, the company also introduced ‘Mention’ features which allow users to do tag of Snapchat friends in their post & person will receive a notification that they mentioned.

To tag a friend just start typing in “@”, spell out the username of the person. Select name of the person then taps on the name you want to be tagged. If you want to see tagged, snap will be able to swipe up & add the person as a friend or see any public stories.

The new features included this week soon & might be this will take a few weeks for the global rollout.


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