Sonu Nigam right on not using Loudspeakers in mosques

Sonu Nigam right on not using Loudspeakers in mosques

Sonu Nigam has rightly said, “Loudspeakers should not be used in mosques”. Javed Akhtar has supported the comment made by famous singer.

Indian Lyricist Javed Akhtar says that use of loudspeakers causes inconvenience to nearby residents.

In fact, Javed Akhtar has reignited the debate that emerged last year on the same topic. Furthermore, he has advocated ban on the loudspeakers in places of worship.

However, the tweets on the topic have startled many fans around the globe.

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Some of the people have commented that there should be no need to call for prayer through loudspeakers.

The Veteran scriptwriter voiced his support in tweet.

“This is to put on record that I totally agree with all those including Sonu Nigam who want that loudspeakers should not be used by the mosques in residential areas”.

Furthermore, Akhtar has defended himself through another tweet. He claims that his opposition was not directed on any group in particular.

In fact, “He has always stood against things that he felt were wrong”.

Last year, Mr Nigam had made a series of tweets about the use of loudspeakers. Nevertheless, a Kolkata-base cleric threatened him that year.

Mr Nigam has opposed the use of loudspeakers in mosques. Also, he has shown humiliation in this regard.

Similarly, Sonu Nigam has made statements this time. He has come up to support Mr Akhtar. Nigam says, “Mr Akhtar’s support for him is ‘well timed’. There is a threat to his security because of the issue”.

Adding further, Mr Nigam told to a news channel that Mr Akhtar realized the rumours going around for two days.

He says, “Most of the people in the industry did not want to take a stand in my favour”.  Therefore, he is facing security problem”.

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Most amazingly, Mr Nigam said, “No body supported him over the issue in Industry”. Whereas, people were quick to come in defence of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali over “Padmaavat” issue.

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