Sunny Leone dance in Ali Zaman first album song

Lahore-based singer Ali Zaman is showcasing Sunny Leone dance in his first ever album. Ali has included Urdu and English songs in his album.

Pakistani singer Ali Zaman belongs to Lahore. He is performing himself in the videos of his songs. Ali will release his videos of songs in the United States of America as well.

Sunny Leone dance on Ali Zaman songs


In the videos of his songs, Ali Zaman will be performing with the United State of America models. To include the Sunny Leone dance in the videos of songs, Ali Zaman is in continuous contact with Sunny.

The upcoming singer’s album includes four English and two Urdu songs. Sunny Leone dance will be part of English songs most probably.

Ali Zaman has brought variety in the song given the interest of Asia and US community. This is very why he has multilingual songs in his album.

Pakistan young singer has high hopes about his first album. He is sure that the people in Asia and US will like his songs.

The emerging traditional singer is bringing his album for the first time. Sunny Leone dance showcasing videos of the album are to release this January

The videos of the album are going to sound the beats both in Asia and US at the same time.

The unique in the videos is the Sunny Leone dance. This type of album has not been made before. This is the first time ever a Pakistani singer has come up with an Indian actress of the repute.

Ali Zaman in Social Media on Sunny Leone

The social viral about the Sunny Leone dance in Ali Zaman song videos has raised some concerns in the local industry.

There has been a ban on the showing Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas. India is not treating so bad with Pakistani Artists. In the given circumstances, the fans of the local singers are also worried.

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