Surah Fatihah names benefits Allah responds to it

Surah Fatihah names benefits Allah responds to it

Allah revealed the Surah Fatihah in Mecca (Makkah). The Surah has many names. Scholars have called it “Al-Fatihah”, that is, the Opener of the Book. Because, the prayers begin with it.

Similarly, the Surah Fatihah has a name, “Umm Al-Kitab”, the Mother of the Book (as the Quran starts with it, and it contains the meaning of the entire Quran). At-Tirmidhi has recorded a sahih hadith about it.

Abu Hurayrah said, “the Messsenger of Allah said, ‘Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbil-Alamin is the Mother of the Quran, the Mother of the Book, and the seven repeated Ayat of the Glorious Quran.”

Surah Fatihah is Salah, because its recitation corrects the prayer. And “Ash Shifa” the cure.

Allah has mentioned about the Surah Fatihah in the Quran. “And indeed, We have bestowed upon you the seven Mathani (seven repeatedly recited verses). 15: 87

According to the scholars, Surah Fatihah consists of twenty-five words, one hundred and thirteen letters. However, the bismillah is a separate ayat in its beginning.

The Arabs call every comprehensive matter that contains several specific areas an Umm. For example, they call the skin that surrounds the brain, Umm Ar Ra’s.

Similarly, Mecca (Makkah) had the name “Umm Al-Qura, (the Mother of the Villages). Since, it is the grandest and the leader of all villages.

One of the hadith throws light on Surah Fatihah importance. Hazrat Abu Hurayrah said this hadith, which has summary. One of the follower of the Holy Prophet Ubayy once did not reply to the call of the Prophet.

The Holy Prophet asked him later on what had made you (Ubayy) to reply. The Follower (Ubayy) said, “I was offering prayer”. Then the Holy Prophet said,

“By Him in whose Hand is my soul! Allah has never revealed in the Tawrah, the Injil, the Zabur or the Furqan a Surah like it. It is the seven repeated verses (Surah Fatihah) that I was given.”

In Bukhari a tradition from Abu Saeed Khudri narrates, “once, on a journey, a female servant came and said, ‘The leader of the area has got poisoned, is there a healer among you’. Then a man stood and read a Ruqyah for the leader. And he was healed”.

The leader gave him thirty sheep as a gift and some milk. On his return, we took the matter to the Holy Prophet at Madina.

Surah Fatihah names benefits Allah responds to it

The Prophet said the man, “how did you know it (Surah Fatihah) was Ruqyah”.

Ibn ‘Abbas said, “Jibril (the angel Gabriel) lifted his sight to the sky and said, ‘This is a door in heaven being open, and it has never been opened before now’”.

“An angel descended from that door and came to the Prophet and said, ‘Receive the glad tiding of two lights that you have been given, which no other Prophet before you was given:

The Opening of the Book and the last (three) Ayat of Surah Al-Baqarah. You will not read a letter of them, but will gain its benefit”.

It means you will get benefit from each letter as soon as you read them.

Moreover, Allah says, “The Surah Fatihah is divided between me and man”.

If he says, “All praise and thanks be to Allah, Lord of existence”. Allah says, “My servant has praised Me”.

When man says, “The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. Allah says, “My servant has glorified Me”.

Similarly, if he says, “The Owner of the Day of Recompense”. Allah Says, “My servant has glorified Me, ‘or ‘My servant has related all matters to Me”.

And if he says, “You (alone) we worship, and You (alone)  we ask for help”. Allah says, “This is between Me and My servant, and My servant shall acquire what he sought”.

It means when someone recites the Surah Fatihah, Allah replies against each ayat.


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