Tamara Takes Her Daughter Sophia To Watch The Lion King

Tamara Ecclestone arrived for an evening at the theater with her daughter Sophia. The 33 year old go to London to watch musical the lion king with adorable three old daughters.

Her quite baby wore a small jumper with the blue stripes along matching blue shorts and shoes.

She spoke her attachment with her child in an interview on Tuesday. While talking about her mental health revelation refers separation from a child starts when Tamara becomes a mother.

Moreover, leaving her daughter in the nursery reveal that she left to cry in the car and think that something may happen to her.

Moreover, she set outside the car and crying out her eyes out and Jay told me that I was a lunatic.

in addition, she sees on mobile, the nursery staff is going to tell me to come back.

Only the mother knows what her child wants. She wants to try her best what actually my child wants. She added.



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