Titanic Letter recovered hit sale 166, 000 dollars at auction

titanic letter

Titanic Letter recovered hit sale 166, 000 dollars at auction

Titanic Letter belongs to a first class passenger on board. He wrote the letter just a day before the “Titanic” hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic.

Henry Aldridge & Son, a British auction house, predicted the item would sale for 60, 000 GBP to 80, 000 GBP ($79, 000 to $106, 000). However, the sale surpassed the expectations when the bit hit 120, 000 GBP ($166, 000).

The passenger wrote the letter on 13 April, 1912 a day before the ship sank. Therefore, the bidders found it worthy enough to pay a greater amount.

In fact, the bid price hit the top at the auction. Moreover, the ship was on her maiden voyage from England to New York.

Furthermore the letter has uniqueness in a way that the sale has topped the previous record for correspondence sent from Titanic.

Alexander Oskar Holverson wrote this”Titanic letter” to his mother. He belonged to America and was doing sales job.

Holverson was travelling with his wife on the ship. He was with his wife on board first class passenger. He mentioned some facts about the ships in his letter.

The salesman, Holverson, in his letter addressed as to “My dear Mother”. He described the Titanic as “a giant in size and fitted up like a palatial hotel”.

In addition to it, he said, “The food and drink is excellent”.

He added a poignant line, “If all goes well we will reach New York on Wednesday AM”.

Searchers found the letter in Holverson’s pocket notebook which they discovered from his body. All the scripts read from the page of the book.

The tragedy claimed almost 15, 00 people along with crew. Whereas, Holverson’s wife, mentioned, “roughly 700 survived of which (Mary) she was one”.

Mary, the wife of the Alexander Oskar Holverson, lived after the incident, rendered it the most devastating experience ever.



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