Uber cab service gets 8.9 million dollars fine

Uber cab service gets 8.9 million dollars fine

Uber cab service gets fined $8.9 million. The Colorado’s public utilities commission found dozen of drivers engage in criminal histories.

The officials said, “Fifty seven (57) Uber drivers have their names in felony convictions. Also, the drivers are driving on road with suspended, revoked or cancelled driving license.


The company is ignoring such drivers over the past two years in America.

Uber service got fined after the company continues battered by lawsuits. However, the service providers are struggling to polish a brand image.

In fact, Uber and other ride hailing companies keep on performing background checks on drivers. But, Colorado are determined to get disqualification of such drivers.

As the authorities believe that the company should not allow such drivers to work. Whereas it has information about the criminal history of the drivers.

On the other hand, Uber service representative has said that the company did not know about it. The company has learnt about drivers through press release.

Furthermore, the company can pay 50% of the fine within 10 days. And it would resolve the case or request a hearing to contest it, said representative.

According to Uber service, “We recently discovered a process error that was inconsistent with Colorado’s ridesharing regulations”.

In addition to it, the company is working with state officials on the matter.

The company defended itself and said, “The error affected a small number of drivers. We immediately took corrective action”.

And Uber must undergo a nationally accredited thrid party background screening.

Commission official cross-checked driver records provided by Uber. It found 12 Uber drivers were doing felony convictions.

Whereas, 17 drivers are driving under influence and reckless driving.

Uber service allow a prisoner to drive for its company. When he gets released from prison. So, the company must care such things in future.


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