Umar Akmal Never Expected To Ban From Three Match

Umar Akmal is likely to get slapped with a ban from three matches the Pakistan Cricket Board’s inquiry said.

Moreover, PCB released this information on all local media channels.

From past few time, no NOCs will furnish for Akmal for foreign leagues. There are lots of other penalties that he faced.

The bad result faced by the Pakistani cricketers due to his ban from three matches.

The PCB added:

After the interviewing of Umar, batsman guilty of blocking three matches and this have sent to PCB chairman for further inquiry.

From the past few months, Umar got dispute with Pakistan’s head coach Arthur at the national cricket Academy.  This dispute arised when Umar not gave the permission to use the service at the NCA due to the PCB’s rules.

Arthur suspect by Umar Akmal

Moreover, the official confirmed the findings of the inquiry committee, the legal adviser of the board focused on Umar for violating clauses of players

One of other source added:

This did not reflect that the allegation made by Umar against Arthur. This is batsman guilty of breaching code and left it up to the chairman to decide either a larger inquiry made for the abuse language by Arthur.

The last decision

The official says the final decision in the hand of PCB chairman. He can penalize Umar with the three-match ban as well as punish him for breaching relevant clauses.

The maximum punishment is a five-match ban according to the official. Sethi also has decreased the penalties decided by the inquiry committee.

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