US first self-driving car launches in 2019

US first self-driving car launches in 2019

US first self-driving car will be on the roads by 2019. These cars will put the driver out of the drive completely. And the car will go by its own software control.

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One of the leading US car producing company has shown determination to introduce this car. The company has planning to launch commercial fleet of fully autonomous robo-taxi.

However, people can buy and use this US first self-driving car for their own use. The company thinks this car will help the driving relax.

The company says, “The self-driving car will cost less than forty percent per mile than any other competitor is offering”. So, the cars can dominate the cab service business.

Nevertheless, on of the official of the company has expressed his concern over the passenger safety. Because, the passenger safety in self-driving car has not reached the satisfaction level.

According to the company, up to 150 simulations will work to ensure the safety of the passenger.

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And this is passenger safety that will determine, when these car will launch and available for the customers.

In fact, Uber has planning to buy 24, 000 self-driving cars for Volvo. This reveals the importance of this new tech car.

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GM has introduced this new car for its test. For the very purpose, the company has made tests of the cars in an event in San Francisco on Thursday.

New tech cars would run using electricity instead of gasoline.

The in-vehicle display of the self-driving car shows the route, car name and destination. Passenger sitting on the back seat of the car can clearly view it on iPad.

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So far the software in the car has successfully saved the cyclists coming its way. It has used the signals with good accuracy.

Therefore, the company has come up with determination to provide driver less cars.

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