USA women get low salary comparing men counterparts

USA women get low salary comparing men counterparts

USA women are not getting salary equal to men. However, they do the same job for exact number of hours.

Most importantly, it is completely legal in the United States of America. Therefore, women in the USA get low wages against their work.

Nevertheless, the situation is not much different in many advanced countries. For example, in the United Kingdom of great Britain women face the same.

In the UK, female managers earn 12, 000 pounds less than their male counterparts.

World Economic Forum’s Global gender report has revealed pay gap in 135 countries. According to the report, the countries like Italy, Hungry, Poland and others have huge difference.

Furthermore, the situation is much worse in the African countries. Take the example of Angola. Angolan workplace is male-dominated.

In this country, a few women in the workplace or parliament one can see. WEF report has ranked Angola at the last number.

However, Iceland is going to become the first country to make a change. she will bridge this gap.

The new law in Iceland has made it completely illegal to pay men more than women. The country has enforced the new legislation from first of January 2018.

25 percent of the people in the government and private companies will obtain government certification of equal pay.

In addition to it, whichever company fails to comply will pay fine.

So, top countries in the world should follow the example of Iceland. Women should not feel insecurity and discrimination.

Where are the human rights non government organizations over this matter? Also, the United State is ignoring?

Will the president Donald Trump pay heed to this matter? Because this is the real issue and what the citizens hope from their leadership.

Mr Trump should do anything or not for USA women?

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