Plessis says Vern needs to be fit after England defeat

Du Plessis grieves for Vern lack of the fitness for the test series. He told the wider public, this is time to come back AB for playing the rest of match.

Vern needs to work on his fitness. It’s happened too often he does not play a full series. I have already told him he accepted the challenge which he needs to improve.

In the last at the oval, Vern is suffering from the stomach pain and spent one night in the hospital with drip.

The lots of times Vern injured, so he needs to take rest with vital series coming up against India and Australia.

We have an idea that how AB is good and we miss him.  Now when will AB come back?

The hope of him coming back is just like I think we need to move past.   We have to find some else that fulfill those roles. Definitely, we don’t need to remove those players. If AB comes back, it’s very perfect. But I don’t expect it.

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