Vivo V7 Plus Launch With 24mp Selfie Camera

Vivo V7 Plus launch in Pakistan with a couple of various other smartphones. You can get the same experience as another mid-range smartphone.

The newest vivo v7 bring new change to the tablet. This is world first 24-megapixel selfie camera. Let’s have look it’s few others features.

Design & Display

One of the good things you have to get by this phone is it is very lightweight and that does not mean that vivo has low-quality material.

Moreover, Vivo v7 plus has a slim metal body and huge screen with a front facing camera and LED flash The slight camera bump that means you can put the phone down and camera lens might get a scratch if you are careful.On the right side, you can get power button.

On the right side, you can get power button and volume rocker and on the left side you have the SIM slot.

Let’s see display of the phone, you can see huge 6.0 inch panel along the resolution of 20 x 1440 and this is a 720p display however the 1440 pixels are just because of the extra height of the phone.

In addition, the screen is very bright and easily visible outdoors and this is bright enough to use directly in the sunlight and this make you to easily to in darkness.

I am much impressed with the display of v7+ and this offer you black bars on the sides for the most videos.


This phone use latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa that is clocked at 1.8GHz.

4RAM provides help in moving between apps and overall performance of the phone.  You can easily play lots of tasks.

Camera and battery

Vivo put good focus especially on the camera, so, lets take a look at first.

The front camera has 24MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture that is accompanied by the LED flash light.  In lighting, the camera draw good pictures and you can easily fix via a software update.

Battery and miscellaneous

The V7+ uses a 3,225mAH battery that provide slim look of this phone.

In the initial use of this phone, I ran various things like taking picture and many other generally use of this device. At the end of this day, it consumes few charging. It became instant charge without taking long hour.

This is sports a fingerprint scanner and it is not only fast but also recognize your fingerprint sharply.


Vivo V7+ is most probably unique smartphone the company launched in Pakistan

Let’s check its pros & cons before we declare verdict.


It has 24MP selfie camera with back camera with good battery life time and decent performance.


The price is biggest Rs35, 999 which over the second glaring issue is the resolution that is not very good enough.

Over all vivo V7 plus is very great phone, look great and with beautifully taking videos & pictures. If these things are important for you , you must definitely consider it.

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