You Need To Know Some About Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung is one of the good and most trusted brands like Samsung Galaxy S7. He always introduced lots amazing features, apps and different designs with his new technology in his latest mobile phones.

Samsung brand has made a place in hearts of his lovers with his new versions in smartphones. Every new product by Samsung comes with some exciting features as well as drawbacks. Let’s discuss everything about the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Smart Enough

Galaxy S7 updated version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which was launched in the first quarter of last year. The phone launched with some awesome features that no other smartphone brand has looked after. The phone is not much different from the old Galaxy S6 in design and features but with little alterations.

Comparing it with Galaxy S6 that was an ace phone of its period, Galaxy S7 is a much better version from the Korean company. The phone is quite unique in design and looks smarter than the iPhone S6 and other high-end mobile phones.

The screen quality is just too amazing and incomparable. Overall, it is not wrong to say that a complete phone with endless features in a small box. The phone is a big hit and might replace the hold of iPhone 6.


Galaxy s7 Key Features:

  • 1 Inch, Quad-High Definition Display·

12 MP Rare Camera·

5 MP Front Camera·

3,000mAh Battery·

Speedy wireless charging.

  • Supports micro SD card up to 200GB and more.
  • 4GB Ram· Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow·

Exynos 8890 Octa Processor·

Color option:

Gold or Black

Samsung Galaxy S7 released on since March 11, 2016. It expected that Samsung is likely to observe record-breaking sales by the end of 2nd quarter of 2016. Unlike other brands like HTC, Sony, and Apple, Samsung doesn’t seem interested in bringing any changes in design and display as other brands do focus primarily.

It rather embeds new technology and eliminates the unwanted design and display flaws from the previous designs. Still, both the Galaxy S phones seem quite different in design. If you place them together, you will see the notable difference.

Galaxy S7 Design:

  • Front and back covered in Gorilla Glass 4.·

Metal rim between the front and back glass.·

Camera Lens placed right above the flash with a glass body.

  • Lock/switch key on one side and volume buttons on the other.
  • The curves of the body are more precise for a great feel.

Sleek body and soft on hands

  • Speakers placed downwards at the back·

SIM tray, micro SD card slot, and microphone are designed at the top. Another microphone, headset socket, and micro USB ports are placed at the bottom.·

Home, back, and detail buttons placed right under the display at the bottom edge.

  • Home bottom carries a fingerprint sensor.

Display of Galaxy s7

  • 1inch, Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution.· Vivid color production.· Sharp details.· Always-On Display that stays on for the convenience of the user to check missed calls, time, and many other features.· Incredible touch system.· Control over mode.· Quite hard to read in sunny conditions.

The overall design gives a wow factor to the phone that makes it an appealing and attractive gadget. The feel is great, beautiful, and presentable with the perfect size and there is nothing much to sacrifice for this gorgeous phone.

Performance and Camera in Galaxy s7:

Just to wrap up the overview, if we talk about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S7, it is way faster than the Samsung Galaxy series. The 8890 processor is way too conventional with four running cores at 2.6GHz and the other four at 1.59GHz.

It is overall paired with a Mali T880 GPU. The camera is just incomparable having 12 megapixels of HD technology. Front camera allows you to enjoy exciting selfies with 5 megapixels of HD touch. It also has some appealing advance features that will let you flaunt among your family and friends.

Pros in Galaxy s7

Great camera quality

  • Amazing display
  • Sleek design.
  • IP68 water resistance.
  • Always-On display.
  • Amazing low-light photography.
  • Speedy performance 70% faster than other high-techsmar tphones.

Cons in Galaxy s7

firstly, Low Power battery

secondly,  Poor speakers
thirdly, Fingerprint magnet

fourthly, Touch Wiz still carries some flaws.

fifthly, Limited storage in Galaxy s7

sevently,  Unlock version not available

  • Phone not advanced to US-C rather than using the old USB system
  • Awkward placement of the fingerprint scanner

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